Our Living Communities

At Marassi you couldn’t possibly wish for more. Slip out for an unplanned meander through captivating backstreets and splendid souks, or pop out for some recreation at the designated village community centres. Marassi’s extravagant retail and entertainment venues are all about exclusivity, originality and serendipity. The quality and international standards employed within everything in Marassi is best demonstrated in the magical Beach Clubhouse and Golf Course & Academy.


Indulge in a shopping frenzy at Mporium, the North Coast’s most extravagant and largest outdoor plaza and shopping hub. Mporium offers a delightful array of luxury retail, local brands and supermarkets, all of which stand to serve your every mercantile need.

Dining and Nightlife

Marassi is a comprehensive community that is always dedicated to bringing you the best, from fast food outlets and fine dining to exquisite nightlife venues that thrive until the break of dawn.

Family Activities

Community is all about family and, at Marassi, family comes first. Entertainment venues and parks, retail outlets and leisurely settings deliver the optimum environment for family get-togethers and quality time - all year round.


The Mediterranean Coast wouldn’t be complete without an array of sports and activities to spice up the day. Exciting water activities and sports facilities are abundantly available to liven your exquisite holiday experience.

Community Management

The Community Management team ensures that the quality, timeliness and image of services exceed the expectations of every Marassi homeowner. The team is responsible for setting up and supporting owners’ committees, liaises with local authorities and is also dedicated to enhancing the liveliness aspect of the community.

Facility Management

The dedicated Facility Management team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all units and facilities. Working closely with the other teams, Facility Management carries out infrastructure requests and warrants the quality of every delivered unit.

Home Technology

Marassi homeowners can now enjoy cutting-edge communication technology with Triple Play, a combined service that offers broadband Internet, telephone and cable TV on a single connection. This advanced fibre-optic technology takes the Emaar signature lifestyle to an entirely different level and will soon allow access to other everyday communication services.


Marassi prides itself on the impeccable and reliable security measures it upholds to ensure the wellbeing of every resident and property. From high-tech security systems to agile guards stationed throughout the development and regular mobile patrols touring its premises, Marassi aims to promote a safe and sound living community.

Beaches and Swimming Pools

To each their own beach, at least that’s what we believe. That’s why Marassi caters for every temperament and lets you have your say from beaches, swimming pools and a swimmable lagoon.